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Thank you for choosing our rent-a-car company. You can select the rate that suits your needs best.

A short-term rental refers to rentals less than one month long. You have two options. In case you wish to use the car just for a short journey or with longer rentals just for the way there and back, you would probably exploit the limited mileage rentals best. Generally you are allowed to drive 200 km per day or 1400 km per week, for example.

In case you want to enjoy the car and to drive more kilometers, then the unlimited mileage rental is the right choice for you.

If you wish to keep the car for at least one month, you will certainly be pleased with our long-term rentals rates then; do not forget to read about the advantages of such rentals.

Thank you, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Limited short-term rentals
Unlimited short-term rental
Limited long-term rental
Unlimited long-term rental
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Long-term rental advantages

* 1 day = 24 hours

* payment by card = + 3%

* 1 day rent + 150,- + VAT fee.